Have you guys ever thought to have a app of your own and manage it according to you and earn money . 

If yes then you guys, are on the right place because today we are going to discuss on the topic of how to make a app for free and earn money .

The app we will be creating will be made with zero-coding and even without downloading any app.

So, without wasting more time let's start the tutorial:


◇  First of all open your browser and search for APPCREATOR24.COM or just follow this link:

 ◇  Now sign up and create a new account and then login with your Email and password. 

After doing all the above mentioned you will see a interface somewhat like this ~

◇  Click on the green colour button name - Create app.

* Next such an interface will appear ~

◇  In the App name column enter your app name .

◇  In the App icon column either choose icon from given gallery of icons or choose icon from your mobile for your application. 

◇  In the App description column enter a description for your application. (You can change it anytime later).

◇  Now click on the green colour Next>> button. 

*Now another interface will appear ~

◇  Here you have to select a style for your application you can choose any one of your choice.

◇  Then click on the green colour Next>> button.

*The next interface will be somewhat like this ~

◇  Here you will have to select the feature or what kind of app you are making. 

*Say for example :
You are trying to make a app of any website means a website should work inside the frame of your app, then click on the option (Web app) and then another page will open showing something like this :

◇  If you click on General info then there you can change your app name and app icon from the name and icon section of the General info.

◇  You can can change the message to be displayed! when the app is shared from the share option in General info.

◇  You can also change the launch message, (the message to be displayed when app is opened) from launch message section and also you can set the option to show rate the app if your app is on any platform from the General info section. 

* Above where all about the General info section. Now the next is Design section, let's discuss about it ~

◇  So the first option that comes in the Design section is color, in this you can change the show-theme colour of your app.

◇  Then comes the font where you can change the fonts of your app from given fonts to custom.

◇ Then the last important option in Design section is the menu type here you can choose any menu such as sliding.

*Then the next is the Section where you can click on create section green colour button,  add features in your app such as web app, chat app, Rss blog, quiz, forums, videos, audios and images gallery. 

Also you can click on advance and set a icon for these features. 

◇  With the help of send notifications section you can send notifications to your app either links, custom or responsive type.

◇  With the statistics option you can check your application statistics such as number of installs and number of users, also with the Promote App feature you can promote your app with a little amount of money.

  # [ Now let's earn from our free application? ]

To earn money from your free app you need have a Admob account and the  from the admob website you need make a Ad format and copy the Ad code, then you need to click on Ads section a interface will appear if your ad is of banners type then paste the Ad code in the admob column of Banner option. 
After some time the ads will start to display in your app and with this you can earn enough if you have more users.

■ You are all done! once the app gets downloaded share as much as you can to increase your users and check the app statistics every day.


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